Pyoor's excuse for not working

or a convenient lemon substitute for use in baking

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I am me, I was born a baby, grew up a bit and am now, loosely speaking an adult. I do stuff with my spare time. Sometimes I sleep; generally at night but not always. I have some friends, although they mostly live bloody miles away - and more irritatingly in other countries. I have no pets (but would like a cat).

I We live in a 1940s house with with curvy walls and a marked absence of heating we now have central heating and hot water. I'm We're in the process of adding heating and 'taste' to the decor - amazingly, after only 2 years the house is nearly finished.

I am, after 3 exciting years of training, a nurse, and am therefore generally broke. Despite this I try and pretend I'm not; some of the time the pretence is maintained by a process of working 3 jobs. Free time can be a bit sparse some months.

I have in the past DJd, abseiled, mountain climbed, rebuilt a 4 stroke and a 2 stroke engine, nearly been a TV presenter (we had a pilot episode shot!), played on roundabouts, ridden various horses (badly), run a business euphemistically described as a studio, trained as a biochemist, a technical writer, and a nurse; oh and shot around on a dubious East German motorbike. I have a Morris Minor that is much loved, and a DAF 44 that needs a bit of work and is 'waiting for parts'.

We're hoping to move to Canada as soon as I've got enough nursing experience in the UK and saving up to move my car + furniture will allow.

I'm sarcastic and strange but people seem to put up with me all the same. I'm generally happy, except when I'm not, which I reckon is fair enough. In February '07 I met my wonderful partner; we now live together, are civilised (as of November '08) and I'm very much in love :)